Sacred Peru Trip

Experience the Transforming Energy of Ancient Wisdom 
We are the ones we are awaiting  

Although this trip occurred in 2010, you may wish to take a look at Peru stories and photos. Please enjoy them and may the itinerary inspire you, should you be planning a trip to magical Peru.

From Cuzco, we move through ancient and revered sites in the Sacred Valley, visit Machu Picchu and then go to Lake Titicaca for more places of legend.  Transformation in Peru flows smoothly and easily as the medicine men and women of Peru create despachos (prayer bundles, in my vernacular) with us at many sites. It is possible to build your mesas (healing stones) there and receive the Nine Munay-Ki Rites as well.  (See side bar for more info)

The day begins early, most often with a buffet breakfast. Generally late afternoons and evenings are free, unless you choose a private healing session with Q’ero shaman (donation of $50). Towns in the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca area transport us into a different time in different worlds.   
The energy is so supportive now, if a bit rocky occasionally, for us to step into the beings we are meant to be. It is quite an auspicious time to go back to the Mother, sit with her and germinate the seeds that grow us to our higher selves while basking in the power of the Apus (mountains) and their expansive, light-filled energy.  
Our entourage will include at least two Q’ero shaman, a guide or two and occasionally a cook to provide picnics for us on location.  We estimate costs of $2400, including entry into Bolivia and excluding airfare (approx $1000), restaurant meals of about $3-10, voluntary tips and personal expenditures.  Our group will be limited to 12 people.  
While it would be wonderful if all participants would experience the entire trip, it is possible for people to fly back from Cuzco at the end of the Sacred Valley/Machu Picchu portion.  The sacred Valley trip by itself is $1500, plus $150-300 for meals other than breakfast and picnics at sacred sites, optional tips and airfare. 
Bob and I offered a despacho at our home on the cusp of winter solstice to set intention for our adventure and to attract those who are to join us.  Our guide and shaman created despacho in Peru in conjunction with us on Monday evening.  Photos to be attached.

Peru 2009 Photos - double click on photos to enlarge
Day 1  Wed, May 4th - Arrival Cuzco, free day (11,200 ft)
Hotel Garcilaso
Day 2  Thurs, May 5th – Cuzco Center    

Quiet half day tour of Sun Temple ( Coricancha), Inca museum, local markets (Witch’s Mkt)              

Hotel Garcilaso

Day 3 Fri, May 6th – Saqsayhuaman, Quenqo, Tambomachay, AwanaKancha              

Saqsayhuaman – Stone Jaguar formation of great Inkan importance; site of Inti Raymi, summer solstice              

Quenqo – Huge puma stone with other animal shapes and labyrinth entrance; Temple of Pachamama, Jaguar, Condor; amphitheater              

Tambomachay – Water Temple of eternal youth called Inka’s spa; Inka Maiden’s Bath              

Awanacancha – Alpaca factory and petting zoo, Condor sanctuary, Overlook              

Evening Fire Ceremony on Hotel grounds   

Hotel Royal Inka Pisaq – pool, masseuse, manicurist

Day 4 Sat, May 7th – Tipon, Despacho              

Tipon – A city of beautiful royal rooms and great water fountains              

Picnic lunch; Return to Pisaq    

Hotel Royal Inka Pisaq

Day 5 Sun May 8th - Pisaq, Chinchero              

Pisaq Market and Shamans’ Store              

Chinchero market and cathedral - ‘Town of the Rainbow’           

Hotel Royal Inka Pisaq

Day 6 Mon May 9th – Moray and Maras, Despacho              

Moray – Experimental farm terraced to create diverse climates  

Picnic lunch            

Maras Salt Pans – Formed from underground river  

Hotel Casona de Yucay Urubamba              

Day 7 Tues May 10th – Ollantaytambo, Meditation (Despacho not allowed)              

Ollantaytambo – Temple of the Sun, Royal Chamber, Incahuatana, Princess’ Baths, Meditation center in Temple of the Condor              

Train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes (near Machu Picchu)              

Lunch and Free afternoon ( hot springs option) in Aguas Calientes              

Hotel Wiracocha Inn, Aguas Calientes              

Day 8 Wed, May 11 – Machu Picchu (Alt 8,000; Despacho not allowed)              

Machu Picchu -option to visit Temple of the Moon cave, a rigorous climb                 

Stay for sunset; return to Aguas Calientes; train to Ollantaytambo              

Hotel Casona de Yucay Urubamba              

Day 9 Thurs, May 12 – Cuzco              

Transfer to Cuzco; Free afternoon              

Hotel Garcilaso

Day 10 Fri, May 13 – Bus from Cusco to Puno  (Lake Titicaca, alt 12,600)    

Andahuaylillas – Incredible cathedral         

Raqchi – Temple of Apu Wiraqòòcha, Creator of the Universe              

Picnic lunch in la Raya; volcanic hot springs              

Dinner in Puno              

Hotel Puna Terra, Puno 

Day 11 Sat, May 14 – Uros Floating Islands and Amantani, Despacho            

Uros Floating Islands and Amantani Island by boat              

Lunch in Amantani with home stay families, primitive              

Pre- Incas temples of constellations and mother earth              

Stay in private homes without running water or electricity              

Day 12 Sun, May 15 – Amantani and Taquile              

Free time to explore Amantani 

Boat to Taquile island; walk Inka steps, museum              

Depart for Puno (boat)              

Hotel Puna Terra, Puno              

Day 13 Mon May 16 – Sillustani, Despacho            

Sillustani – Graveyards famous for funerary silos    

Picnic lunch          

Hotel Puna Terra, Puno              

Day 14 Tues May 17 – Aramu Mura and Copacabana, Despacho              

Aramu Mura – a portal to another dimension       

Picnic lunch      

Temple of Fertility              

Bus to Copacabana, Bolivia   

Island del Sol lodging

Day 15 Wed May 18 – Sun and Moon Islands; Ceremony              

North Island – Chincana labyrinth at Challapampa              

Moon Island, Picnic lunch            

Hotel El Rosario Lago, Copacabana, Bolivia              

Day 16 Thurs May 19 – La Paz, Bolivia              

Sleep in; transfer to La Paz by bus 3 1/2 hrs       

Hotel El Rosario, La Paz

Day 17 Fri May 20 -               

Flight from LaPaz to Santa Cruz to US

All transportation from Cusco to La Paz
Transfers between airports and hotels
Private boats in Puno and Bolivia
Tourist and private buses             
3 star hotels where possible           
All entry fees, including Bolivia border             
2 authentic Q’ero shamans         
8 Ceremonies and special Despachos 
Picnic lunches         
First-aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle             
Professional guide (2 guides for 8+)              

Not included: 
Airfare to Cusco and from La Paz, Bolivia     
Traveler’s insurance       
Lunches and dinners in hotels and at Machu Picchu ($5-10 for meals)  
Optional healing sessions, $50 donation           
Tips, voluntary - guides $10-20/day; driver and shaman  

Click on this link for information on entering Bolivia.