Luminous Soul Retrieval

If part of you or your power
feels missing or unattainable,
soul retrieval can restore wholeness

When you feel threatened, your intuitive, self-protective response automatically creates a safe haven for that part of you which feels vulnerable and besieged.  This is grace.  Yet, as you mature, old coping methods that remain active may become obstacles to your continued development. 

Sometimes the inaccessible part of you does not spontaneously integrate, and healing facilitation is needed.  Soul Retrieval restores health to you and, therefore, to your entire family, by effectively renewing the harmony deeply within you.  The resolution may be as simple as invigorating your spiritual support.  This healing practice is helpful whenever you experience accident, emotional pain, loss, violence or any situation which disconnects you from your joy or empowerment.

During the session, you begin to integrate, honor and protect your whole self and learn ways to continue doing so.  Clients say that Soul Retrieval gives them personal confidence as well as a sense of completion and fulfillment.

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