Munay-Ki Rites of Becoming

Munay-Ki means I Love You; Be You

A decade ago, my healing stones were earned and then anchored with Munay-Ki Rites of Becoming to the lineage of Inkan shamans, my deepest Self and the Universe. Earth energies are moving so quickly that these transmissions can no longer be contained as oral traditions. Therefore, the rites now are available to those who wish to step into their highest selves, the selves that energize and transform Earth into a peaceful, harmonious part of the cosmos. 

New seeds are planted in you for your own nurturing and nourishing. Dull imprints of trauma fall away and your chakras become clear, glowing with their original radiance. Fire transmutes the patterns which no longer serve and germinates the seeds that grow your most Divine Being.  After receiving all nine rites, you may gift them to others.  Additionally we are transmitting the Nusta Blessing.

We invite you to strengthen your luminous filaments and join us in the unfolding of our becoming as our Earth evolves into the place we have dreamed. 

Munay-Ki Transmission Schedule  and Meeting Info
There is no fee for rites.  We gratefully accept donations.

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