Make Room Now

…a one-day retreat designed to help you quickly and easily materialize goals, needs and dreams, which seem elusive or energy draining, while remaining comfortable during the uncertainties of transition.

Welcome to Make Room Now where you shift into infinite possibility. Bring your thoughts about the goals or dreams you would like to access. We will guide you through effectively wording your intention. Plan to do insightful work while having lots of fun using four simple steps.

The Four Shifts:
1. Craft clear, open-ended intention
2. Make Room Now for what you choose
3. Turn your feelings into assets
4. Rest easily within transition

Each Shift is built upon a foundation of ancient wisdom and contemporary science that over-writes old patterns. At the day’s conclusion, individual processes are in place and supported, both practically and energetically, regardless of the issue addressed. This is your life. Revel in it!

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“The (transformational tool) was so special – really wonderful and beautiful. It made more final the “old way of being.”
- SR, Director, Non-Profit - Class Day 

“I looked through my notes from the class I took with you and Bob and realized how well it prepared me to have Sam come into my life…  Sam and I continue to do so well together; it is so natural and easy. He is all I had hoped for and more… just as the affirmation you helped me create had expressed!”
- SR, Director, Non-Profit - Months Later 

“I felt safe and welcome and appreciated so much personal attention.”
- DN, Self-Employed  

“Most clear is that I control the aspects to be changed. I liked learning a great new way to set them in place.”
- KH, Broker

“This workshop was a delightful combination of …material …psychology, Native American wisdom, and spiritual traditions and learning activities. Jeanne and Bob are excellent presenters who share their own journey while gently encouraging participants to consider new ways of thinking and feeling.  They encourage participants to use all their senses in the learning process. I particularly liked that each cognitive presentation was followed by working on a visual, kinesthetic project that we continued to develop and change throughout the workshop. In this brief workshop every participant left with a new vision of what they truly wanted and a process for creating that reality.”
- Valerie N. Chang, Ph.D, LCSW, Emeritus Professor Indiana University, author, leader of workshops worldwide


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