Luminous Body Healing

It is a thrill to see a client complete a session
feeling joyful and eager to interact with life

Clients frequently arrive feeling spiritless and defeated.  After only an hour or so, they experience the freedom and accompanying exhilaration of dissolving issues energetically.  Albert Einstein said a problem cannot be solved on the level on which it was created.  Energy resolution is the highest level, the spiritual plane.  It is not necessary to relive an old experience to receive its release. You simply need to notice how you are impacted by it today.  Amazingly, the healing is permanent. 

Luminous Body Healing comes from the Inkan tradition which has maintained its true nature for thousands of years.  Inka Shamans achieve stunning healing results with all types of issues–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Their approach to healing is based on awareness that the human energy field holds imprints of trauma and often manifests it in our physical and emotional bodies.  By freeing unneeded imprints we can achieve the health, life and death we choose.

Western science agrees that we are energy beings and plays an important role in diagnosing and managing illness.  However, some situations which cannot be addressed or diagnosed by Western means respond well to ancient methods.

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