Feng Shui

Recruiting your surroundings – 
Consciously employing changes
that attract your goals, needs and dreams

Your home, office and the land they occupy are support systems.  They can favorably influence the life you choose.

Feng shui adjustments are the Eastern equivalent of positive thinking, reminding your subconscious mind to pursue what you desire until it is attained.  Prescribed changes effectively alter energy (ch’i) and readily adapt to Western architecture.  They bring man into right relationship with nature, creating a desirable lifestyle.  While the current ch’i could have been previously helpful, it may not support the directions you most need now.    

Using the Ba-Gua energy template, we look at the life characteristics of Wealth, Career, Reputation, Helpful People/Travel, Relationship, Children/Creativity, Family, Knowledge/Personal Growth and Health.  Consultations of two to three hours address the areas you would like to enhance.  Practical, financially feasible and visually pleasing adjustments result in a comforting ambience throughout the spaces that support you on a daily basis.

When I moved my desk and rearranged my office, my assistant said ‘What the heck are you doing?’.  We sold two houses last week during a major economic downturn.  Now she’s online researching ‘feng shui’.” 

 AR, realtor                        

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