Feng Shui Ba-Gua

Simply put, the Ba-Gua is a template
which reveals areas of imbalance or discord
in the environment that supports you

It is placed upon your residence or business and the land it occupies according to the architectural entrance, the mouth of ch’i.  The Ba-Gua has nine corresponding life aspects: Knowledge, Career, Helpful People/Travel, Health, Children/Creativity, Family, Wealth/Abundance, Reputation and Relationships.  It determines placement or modifications that enhance support for the goals you choose.

Look at the picture of the space with the Ba-Gua image on it.  Think about your home or office, dividing it into equal ninths in the same manner to see how each area interacts with your floorplan. 

Where in your personal space do you feel most comfortable?  Chances are you feel satisfied with the corresponding life characteristic.  Where do you feel least comfortable?  Those areas generally reflect conditions which leave you uneasy and, therefore, guide the consultation toward providing a welcoming, safe environment, with attention to uplifting you emotionally and spiritually.  Together we determine how best to create the most auspicious atmosphere for you. 

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