Grace is omnipresent, as is all wisdom through the grace of vision.  Seeing the truth in that statement changes my life.  Wherever I am and regardless of what is happening around me, remembering Grace and knowing Wisdom keeps me, or takes me back, into loving compassion.  The Inka experience is, in the East segment of […]

The Point:  Being a child is rough.  We need to depend on others to keep us safe and love us since we don’t know how to do those things for ourselves.  Sometimes those around us don’t know how either and are so struggling to keep themselves safe and feeling loved that they fail to be […]

Loving kindness shines most brilliantly when offered from heart to heart. When we love, greater love is kindled and our glowing fire exponentially expands to others as well.

I am fascinated by this human experience in which we co-partner, like it or not. Witnessing rather than ‘taking enemies’ intrigues me. We typically react, at least on the emotional level, to unwanted stimuli. That seems the one thing that keeps us from experiencing the joy we find in grace. Actually they are co-creators, aren’t […]

Bob and I life coach together.  Bob is an MBA-financial analyst type who works as CFO of an organization which manages care for emotionally-disturbed children and their families.  I am a healer, feng shui consultant and aspiring author of ‘If You Want Something, Make Room for It’.  Our book delineates how to go from where you are […]

My nose-to-nose encounter with my personal life is currently my book-in-progress, ‘If You Want Something, Make Room for It’.  I must go deeply inside to make connections that coach others through the same amazing experiences Bob and I had a few years ago when we threw out our rest-of-our-lives-on-earth plan and threw open the door to […]

Welcome to Make Room Now.  Life is much richer when we come together to share experiences and thoughts.  I’m happy we are in this together.

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