Our Story

We stopped our predictable future on a dime, made an abrupt turn and drastically changed the direction of our lives in 2001.  The unexpected magic in attaining more than we could have imagined was incredible peace and joy throughout the process of transition and manifestation.  Now we help others do the same.

A few months before our marriage, Bob and I purchased the home we planned to live in the rest of our lives.  We were married in front of the fireplace.  Significant family events took place there.  We added on and restored her.  And, we embellished her with fixtures from overseas, where both of us had lived.  We thought that home would nurture and hold us safely until death do us part. 

I use Chinese methods in my practice.  The Chinese concept that one’s birth energies come back together every 60 years led me to anticipate my 60th birthday with relish.  To me, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebirth my direction.  Bob eagerly bought into the philosophy too.  His birthday was 7 months after mine.  Chinese tradition specifies the birthday year to be from lunar new year (usually Feb) to lunar new year, 12 entire months.  Between the two of us, we had a two-year window to revisit our expectations and goals. 

We opened to whatever was awaiting us, given that it served our highest purposes and service to mankind.  In light of wanting to put our money where our mouth was, we put our beloved home on the market to let the Universe know we were serious.  Bob would come home from work evenings to hear me say, ‘After dinner, let’s sit in front of the fireplace and have ceremony to give energy to our intention.’  And, we would.  There was little structure.  Spontaneous formats came from my background in various cultures and his in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a contemporary form of psychology.

We wrote pages of how we wanted to feel and ways in which those feelings might manifest, always honoring them with ceremony. 

Our home sold and the most exquisite new home took its place within a few days.  Everything flowed quickly and easily, just as we had asked.  We went from Colonial architecture with enclosed rooms to an open floorplan where everything felt expanded and full of light.  Next our lake cottage went on the market.  We received dollars way beyond market value and attracted a family we felt would love the cottage as we did.  Bob laid himself off and found a new job so much better suited for him and paying a significantly greater salary.  Our relationship improved drastically, side-stepping the piddly little arguments that used to keep us from enjoying being together.  We began recognizing that being together in peace is our mutual personal goal, pre-empting all the out of balance stuff around us.

I’m a late night person, rarely arising before 8:30 or 9 a.m.  One morning I couldn’t sleep because of the thoughts, really streams of thought, running through my mind.  Finally, I got up and typed them out so sleep could come back to me.  After several days and nearly 30 pages of ‘free-writing’, I started looking for a theme.  It then occurred to me that Bob and I had created a method for getting from here to there without the usual doubt and angst that transition brings.  We had laughed our way through all those changes, even while my elderly parents were being hospitalized on a regular basis.  Life had become so much fun, so full of grace.

I continued writing off and on as time allowed or inspiration hit.  After several years, I had an amalgam of unorganized material, 350 pages of it.  The energy of this planet is moving fast now and requires more diligence of us than before.  So, I dug into the text and began the process of making it understandable.  That is my continuing work today.  An editor/publisher looked at the ‘manuscript’ recently and offered considerable support, encouraging me to stay with it.  ‘If You Want Something, Make Room for It’, the registered title of our book and class, is moving forward.  If nothing else comes of it, I am a more conscious person for sitting with it every day, thinking the process through and balancing it with the way I live my own life.  I think Bob would agree.  The book and class are as much for us as for others.  ‘If You Want Something, Make Room for It’ is the help we needed for ourselves.