It has been graphically demonstrated to me that physical pain is a lack of love to that specific location.  Emotional pain might be lack of love in our thinking.  So this probably isn’t a new idea.  Nevertheless, it’s useful. 

I recently was asked, ‘where are you stuck?’ and ‘what keeps you there?’  What intrigues me about these questions is that I was able to immediately answer both of them.  The answers had been rumbling around in my mind and body for some time, awaiting the moment when I would surrendar to releasing the ‘what’ which keeps me there.  That moment was Sunday evening of Labor Day weekend. 

I used my own methods, derived from indigenous peoples and my healing experiences, to create a quiet place which had items, such as photos and mementoes which represented all that is wonderful and was painful, for both me and Mother, in her dying processes and life experiences.  Did you notice the shift in tense?…. all that IS wonderful, WAS painful.  My physical pain evaporated along with my emotional pain and my old story.

Now I see the beauty of her in what appeared to be an agonizing process.  We were both freed – Mother and I.



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